Escalate Activity to Reduce Isolation
Are action regions bunched to give more noteworthy casual observation inside and between regions? Have washrooms been situated adjacent to a significant movement region, or park access to support observation? Admittance to Assistance Have public phones been introduced in noticeable areas to diminish sensations of disconnection and to further develop admittance to help? Format and LEGIBLE DESIGN Intelligibility alludes to the lucidity of the climate. It has been depicted as, how much a space is justifiable; the straightforwardness with which its parts can be perceived and coordinated into a lucid example (Lynch, 1960). At the point when a recreation center is neat, clients can shape clear, exact pictures of it. A capacity to track down one's direction effortlessly, adds to a feeling that all is well with the world and solace. Then again, sensations of being dangerous increment as opportunities for getting focused are diminished or on the other hand in the event that recognizable milestones or perspectives are missing. Intelligibility is likewise essential for effective walker dissemination as readable pathways pass on a feeling of simple access, of clear course and of distinct limits. What to consider: Improving Site Legibility Is the format of the recreation center effortlessly comprehended according to the perspective of a first-time client? Are the passageways and exits simple to situate from both inside and outside the recreation center? Do pathways interface with objections? Does the signage guide clients to central issues of interest? Are central focuses obviously noticeable? Do impeded sightlines keep clients from moving easily into and around the recreation center? Does the lighting assist with coordinating development between objections around evening time? Perceivability and SIGHTLINES Perceivability is a significant element in improving 안전공원 clients' sensations of solace and security. Impression of wellbeing increment particularly in case individuals can see ahead and around them, and assuming that others are apparent. Clear sightlines permits park clients to capacity to confirm the presence of people which they may view as undermining. The capacity to see into and out of a space is alluded to as visual penetrability. The presence of greenery, wall, dividers, sharp corners, stockpiling sheds or structures can prevent perceivability and hence diminish apparent and real wellbeing. The level of perceivability that is suitable must be assessed based on the scale, capacity, setting and client gathering of a recreation center. Little area and downtown stops for the most part feel more great assuming that an extensive level of transparency is given. In bigger parks, clear sightlines along the as often as possible utilized walker courses, between movement regions and along park edges are additionally significant. Despite park size, security starts at the border. In the event that the edge is welcoming and individuals can notice satisfying action from the road, they are more disposed to enter a recreation center (Whyte, 1981). A functioning and apparent edge will energize utilize and make a border of observation for the recreation center. A functioning edge can likewise build park openness to client bunches who might feel more powerless in the recreation center inside and who are of lower portability, like ladies, kids, more seasoned grown-ups and individuals with handicaps. What to consider:

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