Responsible fashion: how can brands be sustainable?

A concern for the environment is creating the current rules in the fashion world

  The brands that represent companies in the fashion world had only one concern 10 years ago: selling their products. But, over the years, these companies have understood that it is not enough just to sell, because the public is not only concerned with the trends created by the stylists. People are looking for a concept, especially sustainability.   All this concern for the environment has become a priority since debates such as the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and deforestation have increased, becoming subjects discussed around the world.   Countries with a high level of urban and economic development have pledged to reduce aggression to the environment, because they are the great managers of the world's wealth and, normally, they are the headquarters of big brands of clothing and accessories.   Having such important countries involved in environmental issues and the public's attention to these issues made entrepreneurs linked to the fashion sector rethink the entire business concept, for example, from the manufacture of parts to the distribution of products in stores.   Knowing that the environment and the welfare of planet Earth have become subjects covered in television programs, magazines and social media, brands have adopted different means to make their manufacturing processes more sustainable, and thus also reflecting this concept in pieces of clothing and accessories.   In this article, we will discuss how entrepreneurs managed to adapt to the new world scenario, where people's focus is no longer just on aesthetic harmony, but also on the values ​​defended by each institution.


Many clothing and accessory companies created their pieces from animal skins, for example, bear coats and snake-skin or alligator-skin boots, but these items that used to have the concept of luxury today represent cruelty.   This change in status caused many brands to sell their pieces with a material very similar to the original, but without animal exploitation, thus creating fake animal skin pieces, which are the most accessible and accepted by the general public.

Sustainable energy

Another topic used by the companies was to opt for the use of sustainable energy during the manufacture of their pieces and fashion shows. This decision combined perfectly with the agreement made by the countries to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is often caused by using non-renewable energy, for example, oil.   So, the fashion shows are no longer just an exhibition of the pieces created by the stylists; they started to show the care that was taken during the manufacture of the pieces.


The reuse of materials, especially plastic, is a very popular activity among some clothing and accessory companies, because using plastic that already exists and is no longer useful is much cheaper than producing new plastic material.   Plastic is one of the great villains of the environment because it is highly resistant and is not biodegradable, so its time in nature is indefinite, in addition to causing serious risks to the health and life of animals.   Some of these changes represent a great appreciation of the brands, not only in the financial area, because in addition to generating savings in energy and raw material costs for the production of parts and accessories, sustainable actions also help to protect the well-being of the environment and future generations who have the right to grow, live and enjoy the same benefits as previous generations.   So to have a future, it is necessary to correct the mistakes of the past with attitudes in the present.

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