How not to do too much debt
Discover 4 practical tips so you don't owe anyone next year   Sometimes, when we look at our credit card statement, we cannot even believe how we managed to spend it in a month. This situation is more than hopeless, but the best part is that there are ways to prevent it from happening more than once.   Thinking to clarify the biggest doubts about the subject, we present in this article some practical tips for you not to get indebted or even to go for more severe solutions - like requesting a loan from a bank. Let’s go?

1. Have a structured financial plan

The first step in achieving a stable financial life, and away from debt, is to have a structured financial plan. Planning your finances in an organized way helps you to get an accurate idea of ​​your expenses.   Thus, it allows you to be able to know what is the reality in which your finances are inserted. Without planning, debt is more likely to pile up. Since you just spend your money, not knowing exactly how much, how, and with what.   Planning is what ensures that your bills are in order and that you are not just able to pay what you owe, but also to fulfill your dreams and goals, save money for the future, have a financial reserve for emergencies. And, reach a stable standard in relation to your finances.

2. Keep track of all your expenses

Another step that must be taken so that you can escape debt once and for all is to keep all your expenses under control. That is, you must carefully detail your entire budget.   Controlling your expenses, although it seems something very difficult to achieve at first glance, can be obtained in a simple and practical way. The technology even offers a way to keep track of all your expenses, and thus protect your pocket from debt, quite easily.   An Excel spreadsheet containing all your income, that is, all the income sources in your budget, is a way to know exactly how much money you have available.

3. Prefer cash purchases

One of the smartest ways to permanently escape debt is, whenever possible, to make your purchases in cash. And preferably, making the payment at once.   The main indebtedness factor of most people who are in default is due to installment payments, mainly with credit cards. That is why avoiding them is a great strategy. Debts in installments have very high interest rates, which makes it even more difficult to pay them. So, run away from them.

4. Avoid unnecessary expenses

If you really want to get out of debt and maintain a healthy financial life, it is very important that you avoid unnecessary spending; although, at first glance, it seems little.   This point is very simple: if you do not really need to buy something, just don't buy it. One of the things that most disrupts people's financial lives and leads to the emergence of debt is small unnecessary expenses.   The person thinks it is just a little amount of money that won't make a difference in the end. However, what actually happens is that these small expenses gradually accumulate, and control over the budget ends up being lost.   Thus, one of the best ways to protect your pocket from debt is to avoid unnecessary and small expenses that you may even consider silly, but which in the end can hurt your budget a lot.   Also, once you've made your detailed budget, review it carefully, and try to figure out what expenses there can and should be cut.   Superfluous expenses, such as unnecessary shopping, dining out in expensive restaurants, among other examples of expenses related to the lifestyle that you do not have crucial, not only can, but should, be reduced. And depending on how well your financial life is going, even be eliminated, if necessary.

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