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Is it true that you are searching for an article that isn't accessible on the site? We are eager to assist you. You can reach us through the accompanying ways: Zusjes Hobbyhoekje is the hobbyzaak interest shop in Ede and the encompassing region. Numerous clients outside the area likewise realize where to discover us. Zusjes Hobbyhoekje is a comfortable leisure activity shop where individual consideration for you as a client is as yet the number 1 need. In our store there is consistently an ideal opportunity for a visit or explicit guidance. You can likewise see different models in our store, model cards as well as instances of other leisure activity projects. Visit our comfortable leisure activity shop and experience it for yourself. Leisure activity shop with a wide reach Zusjes Hobbyhoekje has been a commonly recognized name as a side interest shop in Ede for quite a long time. This year (2021) it has been a long time since we began the store at Maandereind 52 in Ede. At first, the store's reach was predominantly centered around card making and related art regions. Throughout the long term, the quantity of clients developed and with it the interest for a more extensive scope of diversion things. That is the reason toward the finish of 2019 we opened a totally remodeled and bigger diversion store corner to corner inverse our old area, Maandereind 17. Because of the takeoff of different other diversion shops, Zusjes Hobbyhoekje has become throughout the years into the interest store of Ede. It has since a long time ago stopped to be an interest look for simply card making. No, we currently likewise offer you a wide decision of drawing and painting items, a rich scope of yarn, endless knit items and numerous other side interest items. Stitch Articles Meanwhile, Zusjes Hobbyhoekje is likewise known nearby for the wide scope of Crochet articles, so you can likewise get in touch with us for your sew leisure activity. We have various kinds of yarn, yet in addition many complete stitch units, including the pleasant Funny's Crochet Kits. In any case, you can likewise reach us for eyes, music boxes and other sew adornments. Drawing and Painting Items Since the move of our store, we have been offered space to extensively quantify a few pastimes. One interest that merits more consideration than it got in our old shop was drawing and painting. The space in our new store in this manner offers you a magnificent drawing and painting corner where you can enjoy your imaginative heart. We have different sorts of sketch cushions, watercolor paper, a wide range of pencils, brushes, materials and other drawing and painting supplies. For the prepared painter and designer, yet in addition for the novice, we have the appropriate materials to begin your pastime without any problem. Obviously furnished with master consideration and counsel.  

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