What strength do I need for contact focal points?
  You must have the dimensionally steady contact focal points made by the optician on location because of the individual change. Delicate contact focal points, then again, can be requested on the web on the off chance that you Jahreslinsen know your qualities ​​and needs. πŸ›’ To the outline at Brille24: Flexible every day, week by week and month to month focal points * You should utilize an alternate diopter number for contact focal points than for glasses. Since the focal points lie straightforwardly on the eye and the focal points are at a specific separation from the eye, it isn't generally conceivable to just exchange the qualities ​​of the focal points. Up to a visual keenness of +/ - 4 diopters the thing that matters is little , so ordinarily a similar strength can be utilized. With higher dioptric numbers or extra visual deformities like astigmatism, changed qualities ought to be utilized for the contact focal points ! The lone thing that helps here is a meeting with the optician *. Really focusing on contact focal points: what to look out for Clean contact focal points When utilizing contact focal points, legitimate consideration is especially significant. Β© Brille24, Bausch + Lomb There are different sanitizer answers for the day by day care of your contact focal points. Across the board arrangements, for example, the Biotrue blend arrangement * are reasonable for cleaning and sanitizing just as for putting away contact focal points - this makes them especially pragmatic. Such arrangements can come into contact with the eyes without disturbance or aggravation. πŸ›’ To the proposal on Amazon: Bausch and Lomb Biotrue contact focal point fluid 3 x 300ml * What are the benefits of contact focal points over glasses? βœ” Independent of the climate: glasses mist up when going into rooms in winter and get wet when it downpours. Both of these lead to limited vision and the glasses must be cleaned all the more frequently. With contact focal points, these variables, which are frequently seen as irritating, are wiped out. βœ” Unrestricted vision: The way that contact focal points lie straightforwardly on the eye implies that the field of vision is bigger. The glasses outline doesn't limit the view. βœ” Better for sports: With contact focal points, the danger of injury during sports is lower and the field of vision is bigger. This is useful for different games. Contact focal points are especially reasonable for water sports. βœ” Wear different glasses: Other glasses, for example, shades or ski goggles can without much of a stretch be worn over the glasses. A glasses edge can likewise meddle with different protective caps.

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