There are a few movies about dementia around right now (counting Falling, see beneath)
  . What's novel about The Father, which Florian Zeller adjusted from his stage play, is that it shows the ailment from the viewpoint of the individual who has it. Anthony Hopkins stars as a 80-something man who is substance to live alone in his London level, however who feels that individuals and assets around him continue to change: in certain scenes his little girl is played by Olivia Colman, and in others by Olivia Williams. Zeller's movie presently has a 100 percent rating on Rotten  ดูหนังTomatoes, somewhat because of the essayist chief's smart artistic slyness, and incompletely because of the unprecedented acting. "To play a man who's started to lose his intellectual capacities, Hopkins efficiently strips away every quality we've generally expected from him – the refinement, the silver tongue, the monumental force – until there's not all that much however slightness and trouble," composes AA Dowd in AV Club. "The last scenes of the film are among the most disastrously helpless of Hopkins' entire profession." Delivered on 26 February in the US and Italy, 12 March in the UK (Credit: BBC Films) (Credit: BBC Films) The Mauritanian Following the fear monger assaults of 11 September, 2001, Mohamedou Ould Slahi was captured at a family wedding in Mauritania. Associated with being an Al Qaeda spotter, he was traveled to the US army installation in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was secured for a very long time. In any case, he wasn't accused of any wrongdoings. Presently Kevin Macdonald, the overseer of The Last King of Scotland and State of Play, discloses to Salahi's nerve racking story with the assistance of a heavenly cast. Tahar Rahim (The Serpent/A Prophet) has the lead spot, Jodie Foster is the steely attorney who questions whether there is sufficient proof to hold him, and Benedict Cumberbatch is the examiner who is resolved that Salahi ought to never leave Guantanamo. James Mottram in the South China Morning Post considers it "a genuine gut-punch of a film... a long, debilitating in any case thrilling watch". Delivered on 17 February in France, 19 February in the US and Canada (Credit: Quiver Distribution/Mongrel Media) (Credit: Quiver Distribution/Mongrel Media) Falling Viggo Mortensen is most popular as the square-jawed star of The Lord of the Rings and Green Book. "Presently he has composed and coordinated his first film," composes Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian, "and it's a truly significant work, delightfully altered and shot, with a brilliant presentation by the veteran entertainer Lance Henriksen: a grave, clear-peered toward take a gander at the unpleasant endgame of dementia." Yes, Falling is another section in the current index of dementia dramatizations, alongside Supernova, Relic and The Father. Mortensen plays John, a gay man who lives in California with his better half and little girl. Henriksen (Aliens) co-stars as his bereft dad, Willis, a narrow-minded rancher who is compelled to move in with John when his memory falls apart. Be careful: Willis is a more fearsome beast th

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